About Asian Research Institute of Underwater Archaeology

KOSUWA has been renamed as Asian Research Institute of Underwater Archaeology (ARIUA).


6-10-12-308 Yoshiduka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0041 Japan Tel. & Fax. 092-611-4404


The Woori Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Korea founded by Director Kwak Jong Cheol and the KOSUWA have signed the agreement to cooperate on the underwater research and exchange every aspects for the underwater archaeology between two institutions.


Newsletter and Back Issues can be ordered. 300yen per copy including postage.


Membership in ARIUA for everyone who is interested in underwater archaeology of Japan.
As a member of ARIUA, you can get newsletter, journal and participate in the surveys held by ARIUA.
Annual fee is 4000yen, including postage. Payment can be made of US or Japanese currency.