ARIUA official site renewal.
ARIUA has met an agreement with the Korean Underwater Archaeological Society to hold the symposium of underwater archaeology between two countries. The symposium will be held on May 17th at Busan. Six papers will be presented by three Japanese and Korean each.
ARIUA project of 2008 for the underwater museum in Japan ,endowed by the Nippon Foundation, will resume in April.
ARIUA had an international symposium with AIMA at the Fukuoka City Museum on December 16, the proceedings of the symposium is available, and send e-mail for more detail.
AIMA had a seminar of maritime archaeology endowed by Australia-Japan Foundation at the Fukuoka City Aka Renga Bunka Kan on December 15. Speakers were Ross Anderson ( Western Australia Maritime Museum) and David Nutley (NSW Heritage Office). The seminar was organized by AIMA and ARIUA and was coordinated by Jun Kimura, Dep. of Archaeology, Flinders University.
"Host of the Tour of Underwater Sites and Promotion of Underwater Archaeology" endowed by the Nippon Foundation started in Apri, 2007. The project of "the Museum of Underwater Site" was carried out on Ojika Island on August 25th and 26th.
The 2007 survey of the underwater archaeology on Ojika Island by ARIUA and Ojika-cho Board of Education started on 18th of August and lasted until 24th. Chinese seramics and Haji ware have been recovered.
The trial excavations of 2007 season at Takashima Underwater Site will resume.
The Journal of Underwater Archaeological Studies(JUAS) Vol.2 2006 has released.
ARIUA and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Prof. Akifumi Iwabuchi and his research lab had a joint archaeological survey in North Kyushu in March, and the result can be seen by these images.
The 2006 survey of the underwater archaeology on Ojika Island by Ojika-cho Board of Education ended on August 26th. A stone anchor stock and Chinese ceramics have been found in Maekata Bay. These results will be published in March 2007.